Zodiac sign cancer dating a cancer

11-Jan-2017 04:24

Yes, our shyness (or extroverted introversion, if you're like me) can make our dating game seem rusty as hell but here's the deal.

When it comes to love, Cancers are either the sweetest people you'll ever meet ... These five quirks just scratch the surface of what it's like getting into a relationship with a Cancer:1. You can imagine what it's like to finally score a hot date with that guy you've been eyeing for awhile now, only to spend the entire time psychoanalyzing everything that comes out of his mouth (sometimes without really hearing a word he's saying). Also, flirting with a Cancer via text can either be really sexy or the absolute worst. We'll be the first to admit we can't stand being seen as emotional, even though there's definitely some truth to it.

This Cancer Scorpio compatibility succeeds whether it involves a Cancer man and Scorpio woman or Scorpio man and Cancer woman.

Cancer men and cancer women are both traditionalists in relationships and are able to fit classic gender roles in a way that appeases Scorpio.

While watery Cancer men are emotional and highly sensitive, they certainly are not weak nor emasculated.

In fact, some Cancer men may even be macho, given to weightlifting, boxing or careers in the military.

Since each zodiac sign has its own unique set of characteristics and quirks, it's helpful to have a guide for what to expect when dating someone.

The more information you have, even if it's from the stars, the better.

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(And yes, they’ll be secretly subject to loyalty tests.)While it’s nice to feel so safe together, comfort has its limits.

The union of two Cancers is the picture of domestic bliss…and it’s anything but boring on your home front. As the children pop out one after another, you’re simultaneously retiling the bathroom, planting an organic vegetable garden, preparing nightly gourmet dishes in your Le Creuset cookware, refining your ten year savings plan, and scrapbooking every memorable moment to Martha-Stewart-approved perfection.

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