Who is emilio estevez dating

18-Jul-2017 06:39

She was so adorable, and she was America's sweetheart," said Stamos, who traveled on tour with Abdul (a pop star at the time) during their relationship.

"I had just started judge Abdul - previously married to Emilio Estevez and Brad Beckerman - may remember their time together differently.

No worries -- we're here to remind you of all your favorite lost loves.

Some are so brief, we can forget about them altogether.

Then he met Sonja Magdevski, whom he would later marry, and the two began to collaborate on making a little wine, just for fun.

"On our first date I dug the holes and she planted the vines," Estevez tells .

Directly thereafter (or, according to some reports, as early as 1999), Demi started dating martial arts instructor Oliver Whitcomb, who was seven years her junior.

) planted a measly half-acre of Pinot Noir vines on his Malibu property, it was little more than cool-looking landscaping, something to mitigate an onerous water bill.

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"I think I was taller before," Abdul joked, referring to the photo of her 1990 Grammy appearance with Stamos.

This week's dose of nostalgia was no doubt a welcome surprise for Stamos, who admitted to Ellen De Generes in 2009 that his relationship was brief but memorable.