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17-Jan-2017 10:06

“This survey has confirmed that pets play a significant role in making (or breaking) a relationship.The key is knowing how to successfully introduce your adopted pet into a budding relationship and to make your pet a priority in your dating life.” Below are highlights from the “Truth about Pets and Dating” survey, including: · Pet Adoption is Hot: 59 percent of singles agree that finding out your date had adopted rather than bought their pet would make them seem more attractive.And the doe-eyed guy who I actually started to fall for—until I realized I needed to reserve my love for a man who could text me back on time.Even though some of these guys hurt me, each was critical to my journey."This study finds that dating behaviors drastically differ between the ages.Younger singles are more likely to friend their date on Facebook, communicate by text after a date, and be evasive about their availability if they're not interested in a second date.We often have a tendency to share things behind the screen that we may not reveal to someone in the flesh until much later.

In fact, having a frugal mindset could save money while helping you make a positive impression."They're not (avoiding) dating anymore because of money; they're just doing some clever and some inventive things," says Whitney Casey, author of "The Man Plan" and a contributor to online dating site There was the super-old rich guy—like, older-than-my-dad old—who woke me up to the fact that money and success isn’t everything.(He was followed by a string of unavailable, but wildly successful 40-year-olds.) And, later, there was the stereotypical jacked jock who was fun to look at, but couldn’t really hold a conversation.I needed to date around before I said, “I do.” I needed to learn what I didn’t want to figure out what I did.

RELATED: 3 Conversations You Must Have Before "I Do"And experts say that’s important.(Phoenix) –Pet Smart Charities, the nation’s leader in pet adoptions, and Match, the world’s largest dating website, have teamed up to reveal what pet-loving singles want when searching for a two-legged companion.

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