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02-Nov-2016 14:46

Automated test routines and 24/7 usage require the ability to access, data log, and remediate a wide range of devices from multiple locations.

Out-of-band management and data logging via console servers is a critical component of this lab infrastructure.

The device is an electronic medical device with firmware. So here we were, about to begin Design Verification. Regardless, let's now get into the specifics of Design Verification and Design Validation that the startup CEO didn't want to.

Early design and development activities were trying. Lots of back and forth, with seemingly little to no progress at times. We had a loosely defined plan for all the Design Verification activities. While we were addressing Design Verification, the startup CEO only heard that we were preparing the 510(k), which in his mind was more meaningful and significant. Let me dive into explaining what they are, how they are the same, and how they are different.

These interactions make it difficult to design and validate the hardware and software separately; instead, a verifiable co-design is required that takes them into account.

This paper demonstrates a new approach to co-validation of hardware/software interfaces by formal, symbolic co-execution of an executable hardware model combined with the software that interacts with it.

When your medical device product development project gets to Design Verification and Design Validation, do you feel like it's almost there?

As project manager, I realize getting to this point in the project is a significant milestone. Many times they are lumped together as "V&V" as kind of one thing or phase.The most common application for network labs is validating firmware upgrades, and regression testing on various versions of operating systems.In these cases, any action or output must be logged and available for analysis – console errors, results, edge cases, random re-boots, last gasp trace and more.To view the version of this Knowledge Base article for Firmware 6.0 and Later please click here.

Beginning with firmware version 4.3.2, certain Cradlepoint modems have the ability to receive modem firmware updates over the Internet connection of the Cradlepoint router.I received my Pico recently and initially all seemed to be OK.

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