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These older wiring systems, typically with 60 to 100 amps of service, violate current electrical codes and fall short of the standard minimum of 200 amps generally needed to power a home.

Installing air conditioners, new kitchen appliances, or entertainment systems may seem simple but can quickly overwhelm an older building’s capacity.

I need to know what he did (and didn't do) and if he is over-charging me. A heads up the material on a simple one is about 800$ our cost.

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Among the most important questions a property insurer will ask an agent is the age of the original building, the age of any renovations or additions, and the age and condition of critical building systems: electrical; plumbing; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); and roofing.

At the time the homes were built that was sufficient to meet the electrical needs of most homes.

With the addition of dishwashers, flat screen tv’s, microwaves, hairdryers, toaster ovens and all the electrical devices we've come to depend on 60 or 100 amps is no longer sufficient to support your home's electric needs.

The first and most important is that if your home is older than 25 years, your electric panel may be obsolete.

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It can be difficult and very expensive to replace parts and make repairs to obsolete panels.

Experienced contractors who do this routinely can generally tell by looking at the circuits what can and cannot be done (whether you need to add more load on the existing framework or whether you need to upgrade to a larger panel because switches are full).