Transmission blocklist not updating Web cam aduilt

16-Mar-2017 10:23

However, after the machine has been left running for several days I was finding that all the disk space on my root partition was being used up (I usually have around 4GB of free space on this partition).

At first it wasn't obvious exactly where the disk space was being used up, since the du command wasn't accounting for anything like the amount of disk reportedly in use when running the df command.

So it looks like each time I update the blocklist it creates a file, which it deletes but fails to release the lock and thus the disk space is not released back to the O/S until transmission-daemon is restarted.

I can also see that this happens when updating the blocklist via the web or by running the "transmission-remote --blocklist-update..." command standalone (i.e. It is very easy for me to replicate this - I simply restart transmission-daemon and then run: lsof | grep deleted This does not show anything other than a couple of deleted system logs from /var/log I then use the standard web interface to update the blocklist, and confirm this was successful by looking in /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info/blocklists/ to see that the file has been modified.

If doing this, don't forget to filter out the comment lines with egrep and write to a file for transmission :-) I've just wrote a simple Haskell program to sort and merge IP ranges (overlapping and adjacent IP ranges are fused, empty or commented lines are removed) : Use stdin and stdout with gz format : ./fuseblkl I wrote a script that downloads 50 different Blocklists and performs Duplication checks and other Repeated Offender Queries to compact the IP Reputation from a Threat Source of over 700,000 IPs to approx 2-300,000 IPs.

list=bt_templist&fileformat=p2p&archiveformat=gz" " list=bt_microsoft&fileformat=p2p&archiveformat=gz" " "&" becomes "&" inverted commas placed before each http and after each gz You could of course feed these lines manually to curl if you just want to grab individual zipped blocklists etc.

Transmission has a built-in IP blocklist for what are determined to be “bad peers” and it should be enabled if you use Transmission with any sort of regularity.

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that are not comments) into the file "~/Library/Application Support/Transmission/blocklists/bin" All this ultimately results in the following lines being fed one by one by xargs to the curl command: " I downloaded the list and opened it in Notepad ; however, I could not find either the URL and IP address when I searched for them, so I'm not certain why they would be blocked. @ip2k, so do I open it with a txt editor and copy into the file?

Hope it's accurate but if I have made any errors please correct me! list=bt_rangetest&fileformat=p2p&archiveformat=gz" " /bin/bash for url in $(curl -s https:// | hxwls \ | grep -v png \ | grep 'list=' \ | sed 's|/list.php? list=|g' \ | sed 's|$|\&fileformat=p2p\&archiveformat=gz|g'); do wget --no-verbose "$" -O - | gunzip |egrep -v '^#' @ip2k Just found out about the this list.

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