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27-Aug-2016 02:16

It now boasts “sex workers” who march into the night under the aegis of advocacy groups, health clinics, and a sympathetic police force.

For another, the sale of sex isn’t the assault on mainstream morality it once was.

However, life with his better half has become strained because Lewis has lost sexual interest in her, choosing instead to partake in late-night rendezvous with tacky porn websites. With no watchful eye and relationship restrictions, his cyber-love increases to hardware love, his sexuality requiring not pictures of people shining on the monitor, but carefully drilled holes in the side of his computer case.

Meanwhile, Lewis works as a programmer and gets a promotion at work.

His boss, Angela, vows to find the “computer rapist,” while Lewis dives for cover by trying to date the friendly new receptionist, Jane.

Of course, the confusion doesn’t stop there, and as for the perversion, well, this only the tip of the iceberg.

Whether the screenplay by To and his Milkway Image partner Wai Ka-fai is supposed to be ironically over-the-top, or a sop to China’s new or wannabe millionaires, is not clear.

It seems reminiscent of Hollywood in the Depression-era Thirties, when the Gatsby-style life-style of the very rich became part of a collective dream.

The guy in the Maserati and the girl in the Ferrari chat while speeding down the highway, the cute boy turns out to live on a spanking new yacht, and almost everybody works for major investment firms when they’re not out sampling the delights of expensive restaurants and getting drunk on fine wine.Arriving in the wake of Young People F**king, Control Alt Delete is the latest in Canadian-themed looks at youth and sexuality (Jane is even played by YPF star Sonja Bennett).Written and directed by Cameron Labine, Tyler’s brother, Control Alt Delete is a great look back into time at the paranoia of Y2K intermingled with modern looks into technological fetishism.In the first film, pretty Zixin (Gao) arrived in Hong Kong from the Mainland to work as a financial analyst in a high-powered corporation, where she was courted by her boss Cheung Shen Ran (Koo, looking like he spent too much time under the suntan lamps) and handsome architect Fang Qihong (a serious-faced Wu, star of .) In the end she chooses the architect, and Part 2 begins with her trying on a wedding dress in front of her brother Paul (Vic Chou) and effortlessly landing a new job in a rival investment firm run by “the goddess of stocks”, Ms. The film’s absurd tone is set in an opener showing how Yang is having trouble parallel parking her new white Ferrari when two men leap to her side to help her – Paul and Cheung Shen Ran.

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They will battle it out for her affection for the rest of the film.

If you get lucky you might get access, and I hear positive things from the people with access.

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