Starview box updating

16-Feb-2017 14:58

But that means that it can interfere with your TV Viewing, check this post out and see what ways you can avoid having reception issues enjoy watching your favorite shows while snug inside.

There appears to be a Timebomb/Virus in recent Firmware and updates damaging Chinese Vu based boxes.

As part of this change, PRIME, Bravo plus 1 and THE EDGE TV is now transmitted from a new transponder frequency from 21st June. Unapproved receivers / recorders will not automatically update, and as we don't have readily available instructions for those, please contact the distributor or manufacturer on how to update.

If you're no longer seeing these channels, please update your satellite device manually to keep watching all of those channels; see here for instructions from manufacturers of approved satellite devices. Most Freeview approved satellite receivers / recorders / hybrid TVs will automatically update to the new channels over night; however as the satellite service is transmitting from a new Sky TV transponder, some devices Select your device brand below for instructions from the manufacturer. Please search in the following forum for your device or ask a question relating to it.

Once you've successfully updated your device, you'll be able to watch PRIME, Bravo plus 1 and THE EDGE TV again without interruptions, subscription-free! For a better experience, go for an APPROVED PRODUCT.

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