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Download the corresponding Slackware current packages for your architecture from any Slackware current mirror, such as In the case of that mirror, the packages for a 32-bit system are all in this directory: If you have a 64-bit system, change slackware to slackware64: Download the packages with a browser, or move to the directory where you will put them and fetch with wget: ... If you have switched to the kernel-generic package instead of the default kernel-huge package, don't forget to recreate the file which will be needed for booting your upgraded system.If you're still using the default kernel-huge package, an initrd is not needed anyway and you needn't be concerned about it.I keep some servers on current and others, the ones I consider critical, on 11.0: Since version 11.0 has just come out there won't be many updates right away, so don't expect much at first.You can also use Swaret to install programs that were not installed originally by using this command (replace #!

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slackpkg is an automated package management tool written for Slackware as a shell script, like Swaret.

Several package sources and Slackware based distributions take advantage of this functionality.

Hard, soft, and conditional dependencies along with package conflicts and complementary package suggestions can be expressed using the slapt-get framework. This file is provided by Patrick Volkerding and is similar to the file in use by Debian.

On an x86_64 system, the output might look something like this: NOTE: The kernel-headers package should not be upgraded if you're staying within the same Salix release.

Only upgrade it if at the same time you are upgrading your entire system to a newer see which kernel packages you have installed; these are the ones that need upgrading.