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On August 20 1920 an ambush on a police patrol at Greenhills, Kill, by local IRA unit left two RIC men dead.Subsequently, a party of Black and Tans arrived in Kill, wrecked Broughall's pub, stole a large quantity of drink, assaulted a few locals and then drove into Naas where they burnt down Boushells Boot Shop beside the Leinster Leader offices.While researching this event for a book titled 'On the One Road.Political Unrest in Kildare 1913-1994' I was told that the Black and Tans were searching for Jimmy White, a local volunteer, who lived across the road beside Haydes shop and Boushells was burnt down in mistake for Whites.Popular among teenagers and young adults in the early 2000s, Murray was born in Buffalo, New York.He is the son of Rex Murray, an air traffic controller, and was abandoned by his mother at a young age.It was three guys – what the hell was I supposed to do? " In 1999, Murray moved to Hollywood where he supported himself modeling for such clients as Skechers, Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci.

"Our squad is working hard and we are seeing improvement in their performances both at training and in the games.

The Crusaders, who have won 14 of 14 games this season, currently sit top of the Super Rugby standings.

But, despite that massive match looming, the two Irishmen still found time to have a bit of a laugh today…

Local author and historian James Durney (playing the part of Jimmy White) was arrested in Mc Cormack's pub and thrown in the back of a Black and Tan crossley tender, while local historian and Leinster Leader corrrespondent Liam Kenny (playing the part of Leinster Leader 1920s republican journalist Michael O'Kelly) and local historian and UDC councillor Paddy Behan (playing the part of Sinn Fein councillor Dan Purcell) were arrested at the Leader offices.

All three, joined by another detainee, Donadea historian and author, Seamus Cullen, were taking away by the Black and Tans to a destination an American actor, filmmaker, and political activist.