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Shakespeare's classic is condensed to six characters in 45 minutes for non-stop comedy and interactive fun.

The audience is divided up into Capulets and Montagues so they are a part of the action. Shelby is Los Angeles based but is available for bookings globally.

Benvolio explains that he is merely trying to keep the peace, but Tybalt professes a hatred for peace as strong as his hatred for Montagues, and attacks. A group of citizens bearing clubs attempts to restore the peace by beating down the combatants.

Montague and Capulet enter, and only their wives prevent them from attacking one another.

If your parents disapprove of your relationship, fake your own death and just hope the issue resolves itself. Cute date idea: break into her tomb and weep over her lifeless body.

Every time something goes even a little bit wrong, threaten to stab yourself. If another man is courting your lady, murder him without even asking his name. Strongly imply that she is your only reason for living after knowing her for barely three hours. If your beloved dies unexpectedly, join her in death. Don’t bother fact-checking this development or asking any follow-up questions. There is no reason on earth why you shouldn’t pledge your life to the first masked man who asks if he can kiss you.

However, if said kinsman stabs one of your friends and it’s partially your fault, he’s fair game. Cute date idea: risk your life by attending a party thrown by your mortal enemies. Cute date idea: consummate the marriage on the eve of your eternal banishment. If people keep saying things like “These violent delights have violent ends,” just ignore it.

A verbal confrontation quickly escalates into a fight.

Benvolio, a kinsman to Montague, enters and draws his sword in an attempt to stop the confrontation.

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