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Black, white, Latina, etc- it shouldn't matter what race. I was raised that no matter what color our skin is it doesn't make us any better or any worse. Gota == BAGS --39; Handbags T shirts Jean(True Sunglasses cheap sports shoes see: Air J0RDANS 35$ Nl KE 35$ P0L0 SHIRT 15$ == I don't understand why people need to emphasize on what race somebody is.“I met her and we were 16 years old and she was the president of the Black student union and I was just a silly White boy who didn’t understand or have compassion.” When asked how he felt regarding the media’s opinion that African American women are better off dating white men, Thicke responded; “I think that’s ridiculous.

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He also offered up his perspective on Black women dating White men. ESSENCE: The media often tells Black women that they’re better off dating White guys. To start that rumor is as bad as starting any other negative rumor. Of course, Paula is a black woman that's how the society will prefer to have it.

He says since both he and Paula have estranged relationships with one of their parents, they fill the void for each other. I didn’t have a great relationship with my mom and she didn’t have a great relationship with her dad and we became that for each other. It's not coincidence that the black women that are praised by the media, find attractive are ones like Halle Berry, or ones that have more acceptable look.

And he encouraged Black women to date whomever they want....give Black men a chance! It’s nice if you can make someone drop it like it’s hot, or pop a bottle. What I realize about the difference between me and my peers -- you know, Chris Brown and Drizzy Drake and all my musical peers -- is that they haven’t been with the same woman for 18 years and I’ve been with a Black woman for 18 years. Because black women with more melanin with more negro features are just too black to be consider attractive or appealing.

And the handsome couple weren't alone as they headed out, later heading to Avenue Los Angeles with pal Olivia Karina, who held the 22-year-old model by the hand as they moved the party on to the next location.

The ex of Paula Patton was dressed for a night out, unbuttoning his shirt to show a hint of chest while layering several eclectic necklaces But all eyes were on April as she sauntered to the restaurant in a tiny terra cotta number that fit her like a second skin.Paula, who is currently promoting her biggest role to date starring alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol, is not only known for her skills as an actress but her slamming body as well.