Relative age dating practice

18-Mar-2017 22:16

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You will be tested on the terms associated with these methods and asked to solve problems involving the relative age of rock layers in rock formations.

In this assessment you'll be tested on: To learn more about determining the age of rock layers using relative aging, review the accompanying lesson on What is Relative Age?

Fossils tend to be found in sedimentary rock because metamorphic rock and igneous rock tend to destroy the fossils, due to high pressure and heat that the rocks undergo in formation.

Sedimentary rocks tend to be formed in layers with each being from a different time period.

We'll even visit the Grand Canyon to solve the mystery of the Great Unconformity!

This is obviously imperfect in the sense that a more precise answer cannot always be derived, but it at least places the fossil in a small time frame that it could have roamed the earth.

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