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12-Aug-2016 02:29

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The trio of political satirists and stand-up comedians are touring nationally in clubs and theaters as the well RED comedy tour.

Crowder is repped by Arsonhouse Entertainment, Super Artist Agency and attorney Bradley Garrett.

Posted on Nick Johnson’s You Tube channel (as well as his website entitled “Home Snacks”), a summary video on the top 10 redneck towns in Texas has been gaining popularity recently.

Cover-captioned “Awesome Regional Infotainment,” Nick’s channel appears to provide entertaining information about things like “Worst Places to Live,” “Happiest Cities,” and “Kinkiest Cities” (psst…that last video was done for Texas as well), done with some research and slight humor to keep viewers informed, and tuning in.

In the early 1900’s, the term was being commonly used to describe political factions within the Democratic Party, which was comprised of poor, Southern, white farmers.

And within the decade, they began to proudly self-identify with the label, to the point of wearing red neckerchiefs to political picnics and rallies.

A redneck, also known as a hillbilly, or hillnigger, is a heavily armed conservative white gentleman, from the Southern and Midwestern part of America, known as the Bible Belt. They are so prevalent that most outsiders think that this is what all Americans are like, much like how many Americans think all Brits are members of the upper class.

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And if you're just going to hack the sleeves off, why get the jackets tailored? (It's the first choice) Obviously if the bride doesn't have to cover her prison tat, why should the groom? It's a great idea to put women in uncomfortable shoes and ugly dresses, remind them they're single and childless, and then hand them automatic weapons.

He has released albums by the names of Cheatham County and Heart of America.

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