Ole schell and sara ziff still dating

21-Jul-2016 06:08

Ole Schell was raised by two writers in the Bolinas California artists community outside San Francisco.

He graduated from NYU's premiere film school and currently directs films and fashion commercials for companies such as Virgin Mobile, Tumi, Miss Sixty and American Eagle.

Just as the actual life of a model is often quite different from the frothy fantasy that models are hired to embody.

Co-directors and former couple, Sara Ziff and Ole Schell know this reality well.

As part of their documentary on the modeling industry, "Picture Me," Sara Ziff and Ole Schell filmed a three-part mini-series for The Cut addressing themes like youth, exploitation and body image. In it, model Amy Lemons explains to Ziff that when she was 17 years old, her agent told her to "eat one rice cake a day and if that didn't work only half a rice cake," and she's seen young girls dipping cotton balls in juice and eating them.

Over the course of five years, Sara Ziff snuck her ex-boyfriend Ole Schell into fashion shows, shoots, and parties so that he could film "without other people realizing it." Sometimes he got thrown out, but they were able to collection hundreds of hours of footage along the way, which they edited down to produce Ziff's documentary, Picture Me, which exposes the dirty underbelly of modeling. Ziff told the Guardian about a 16-year-old model who complained to her agency when a 45-year-old photographer made a pass at her: "Her agency said she should have slept with him." She captures another model talking about how weight is approached: "In castings, people have slapped my thigh, and I'm not in any sense overweight, I never have been.

As the co-founder of the New York and Beijing Digital Bazooka film production company, Schell directed "Win In China," an upcoming documentary about the byproducts of China's rapid social and economic growth.

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Written and directed by Lynda Tarryk, the film stars ...

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