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Next I briefly examine inter-racial marriage in Nauvoo, beginning with Joseph Smith and then carry that topic on to Winter Quarters of 18, where the seeds of LDS anti-miscegenation fully germinated under Brigham Young.

Next I recall Brigham Young’s emerging theology regarding black-white marriage and its significance to American society and LDS eschatology.

The latest research on this issue (including my biographies of black Elders Q. Young’s resistance to black-white marriage[2] must also be seen within the context of his own marital experimentation, which was, at that very moment in 1847, receiving national public scrutiny and condemnation, as well as legal censure by the Massachusetts State Supreme Court.

In this paper I first examine a significant LDS marriage that occurred in Massachusetts in 1846 and I place it in its historical context.

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He cited a 1913 law declaring that nonresidents could not marry in Massachusetts if the marriage would not be legal in their home states.Review of members: Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained I thought to myself as I signed up for agematch in late Dec.We began to correspond almost immediately upon joining.Then I look at the chaotic consequences of “letter of the law” dogma conflicting with the lives of real people, who openly came to LDS leaders to ask difficult personal questions or demanded clarification and concise definitions rather than broad generalizations.

Despite seemingly rigid doctrines and policies, in reality, the responses from church leadership were widely varied and often contradictory, with many more people of African descent receiving priesthood and temple ordinances than has been acknowledged in the past.

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