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A Swing infotainment radio contains: 5” resistant colour touchscreen TFT display Reception of AM/FM frequency bands and DAB Aux-In, USB with Apple connectivity SD card slot Bluetooth® Updates available for Swing infotainment radio: GPS data undergo constant changes (e.g.

new roads, renaming of roads and renumbering of houses), so after a certain time they are not up-to-date and navigating to your designation can be inaccurate or incorrect.

The NGI-France Topo-Pays database is generalised to map 5 classes: building, road, vegetation, water and other.

Their outline is used as a first level during the segmentation process; the objects of the database are then subdivided according to their spectral homogeneity.

In addition to a radio and satnav, through the Amundsen infotainment satnav it is possible to control the car’s settings using the Car button on the control panel, without the necessity of a Maxi DOT display.

Properties of the Amundsen navigation system: The new generation of the Bolero infotainment system provides expanded options for operating your radio, telephone and now also car systems, without the necessity of a Maxi DOT display.

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Hi I tried to update the maps on my Tom Tom ONE South Africa.It downloads it fine but when it gets to installing it on the device and writing it to the memory card, an error message pops up ERROR: Home Base/IO: Error writing file: F:helpmeother [email protected] .portablecfile.cpp(1953) 000003EE in .portablecfile.cpp:1953 Stack: error(text Or Exception); 1. chrome://tthome/content/ui/bindings/ttwizard.xml:1061 this._commit Failed(i, commit Page); 2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/util.js0 return func.apply(obj, arguments); 3. chrome://tthome/content/logic/dll Utils.js:77 this._error Callback(e); 4. The objective of this study is to compare built-up and roads extracted with a hierarchical region-based classification method (Definiens) from VHR optical and SAR data to the ones of an old geographic database in order to pinpoint changes.

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Simulation of PLEIADES data on Toulouse at a resolution of 0.7m in the panchromatic band and 2.8m in the multispectral one are used together with a DSM derived from SAR Cosmo-Skymet data.​Reach your destination faster with the latest maps for your navigation system.

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