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07-Nov-2016 03:31

More info: This project default work with local sample data. Can we use this as ready solution with little customization for user profile I just want to extend this solution by detecting where active users are located on map before i could chat with them @Brandon Batie, hook this up with Firebase backend will not so hard.

So you can use ionc command line tool run the project: @ Arthur Mac Millan, thank you for your support. About the stutter, is it appears at a few pages or the whole application? You can also contact me by email: [email protected] Hello Felix, I would like to know following: What backend has used for this app? This version has well designed static json data at services with call function. And I'm planning update the app v1.1 next month with Parse backend support.

Take a look at: Ionic Starter Firebase package can download free, if you already buy Ionic Starter Messenger.

Use Ionic CLI for installation, and make sure that is installed in your workspace.

The site has more than 2,000 registered users and the pace of exchange is frighteningly quick.

Post too slowly and you’ll be bombarded with glittering images from users reading “Still learning to dump.” I just tried out, too, and it is kind of addicting.

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