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22-May-2017 15:09

Due to the lack of progress, I had to terminate the call and contact the reception once again in order to obtain a direct dial number for the Images Department.

My subsequent call to the Images Department was then answered within minutes. On the day of my appointment I waited for over an hour to be seen.

To add to my frustration, two other patients (who arrived after) complained about the length of their wait, which resulted in them being made a priority over me.

In addition to this, even those patients who did not complain were seen before me, despite my exceptionally long wait.

You name it, humanity is driving a steamroller through it: rainforests, topsoil, fisheries, fresh water, species diversity, DNA after GMOs, the depletion of resources.

Then instead of addressing these, what does Government do? We need leaders now who are prepared to confront social injustice and environmental degradation; MPs who know the score on inequality, on social issues and resource decline. We want a professional national health service that works for all, without the costs of private providers.

It is with regret that I feel compelled to express my experience of dealing with the Spire hospital Anlaby when arranging a chest X-ray appointment.

When I first joined the Green Party, I became aware that Greens had many of the answers to the problems we face as humanity.Due to being under the impression that I may have received incorrect information, I called back later to be informed that Spire could assist with my X-ray.I was the transferred to imaging department at which point I was placed on hold to department for roughly half an hour.Greens have always campaigned for this and want to see it now.

We really do need serious commitment and investment in equality, and in a greener and more sustainable future.I had been to reception twice to complain before I was eventually seen.

Tony Stark was pretty sure the Universe had it out for him.… continue reading »

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