Growth of online dating sites

03-Apr-2017 01:58

As Rebecca Mc Grath, research analyst at Mintel says: “The popularity of free dating apps has made a big impact on online dating over the last several years by dispelling perceptions, opening up online dating to a new market and driving mobile usage.Other topics covered include the regulation which is starting to happen in the UK, with the launch of the Online Dating Association, and the publicity around the online abuse directed at women on dating sites.

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Online dating isn't just about making love connections, it's about making lots and lots of money.

And that is something powerful media brands can help with. Many people worry about the idea of dating services, and online dating especially.

After all about 15 million single adults don't use dating sites! Their endorsement will add credibility to a dating site: if it is run by a well known media owner it must be safe, mustn't it!

So there are plenty more to attract to online dating. And revenues from personals such as dating are declining by 25%, year on year. While the UK online population is growing by 4% annually, visits to online personal sites are growing by 26%.

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But they will only come if dating sites feel safe and respectable. In contrast the online dating market is growing: at over 20% a year. Some 20% of adult internet users visit online dating sites, looking at an average of 213 pages a month. Media owners have a crucial role to play in attracting more people to online dating.The pullback in consumer spending hasn't slowed down the industry at all: if anything it seems to have made Americans more eager to settle down.

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