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and, regularly, in celebrity, trivia and gossip-oriented women's magazines such as Heat and OK! She participated in the 2006 London Marathon but did not finish (collapsing after 34 km (21 mi) of the 42.195-kilometre (26.219 mi) course), and recovered overnight at the Royal London Hospital. It costs an arm and a leg to do so much as lift a finger; we’re a pool of millions competing for jobs, apartments, space in general, other people’s time, ways to be heard.While Bridget Jones turns to ice cream to comfort her through her woes, Oscar losers will be offered herbal tea lollipops and lean protein bars.Lest despondent actors are tempted to binge on their Live Love Pop healthy popcorn, the bags also contain portion-control plates.Goody avoided eviction by not being subject to public vote until week six; by then she was popular with a substantial segment of the media and the public, and remained in the house until the final week (finishing fourth).

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Goody thought that Rio de Janeiro was a person, not a city; that Portugal was part of Spain; that St George's Cross was the flag of London, not England; that Aberdeen was not in Scotland, and that the United States was not an English-speaking country.

Sky Living broadcast five tribute shows to Goody from 2009 to 2012, documenting her life from early childhood through her rise to fame and her final months.

The last episode of Big Brother on Channel 4 featured a 15-minute tribute to Goody, praising her as the ultimate Big Brother contestant.

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