Ethan hawke dating julie delpy

03-Dec-2016 13:20

Delpy explains that if the door had been locked behind us as we stepped out on to the roof terrace at the top of a Toronto skyscraper, she would have been tempted to jump. Not that I want to die, it’s just that, what if I went crazy for 30 seconds?

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You know probably it’s like a mental issue that I have, self-destructive, like if I had a gun I would probably just put it in my mouth to see what it felt like.” She wonders if this comes from her father, the theatre director Albert Delpy who once went up Notre-Dame in Paris and tried to jump from the top. Crossing the road is not really tempting, people would mostly avoid you, you wouldn’t necessarily die. “A sure death is always tempting.” The Paris-born star has a macabre side, but she never loses her light tone, not even when she says something like, “Maybe I’m suicidal and I don’t know about it...