Do nice guys finish last dating

07-Dec-2016 01:43

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No, it’s not because those girls don’t know about those guys’ bad reputation with women. In fact, the smell of their stinks precede them everywhere they go.

And it’s not that those good and nice girls are from a distant world. They must have known exactly who those guys are, how they treated girls and women before.

They’ll all say that they want somebody that will treat them well and respect them. But when it comes to realities, they choose those bad-reputed guys instead! But, the funny thing is, when you present it to young females out there, about how nice guys finish last when it comes to dating, many of them will jump all over you and completely disagree…

even to the extent of making up excuses to “redefine” those ill-reputed guys as the genuinely good ones – who were unfairly-judged by the society – and all the nice guys as a band of wolves in sheep’s clothing doh emo Alright girls, if you read this too, I don’t want to argue with you here.

What difference would it be if we dated and we tried to work it out also.

Me and that guy have a fair chance of things go bad.

She does not mean a shy, unassuming, nervous nice guy who feels intimidated by her and makes her feel as though she’d almost be doing him a favor by being with him. Most guys in this world are GOOD GUYS and most guys have a girlfriend or wife.

Don't forget the flowers he brought you on your second date. The truth is, nice guys don't offer women a challenge. Apparently, if you're the nice guy, your existence won't even appear in her radar.

He's all wrong for you, but you want him, nonetheless.

But did you notice Paul called you twice today, and you dodged both rings? They lack the hard-to-get appeal and are always there, wrapped around a woman's finger.

A little background info: I am a guy (21) and I've recently fell in love with my best friend. I would buy her food, pay for movie tickets, talk about anything really. But the thing is, I do this to other girls also but not as much as I do to my best friend.

Now the thing is, whenever I ask girls out, they say I am too nice.

I went from constantly being rejected to constantly having sex.