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20-Jun-2017 00:26

As if icing on the cake to that hockey pedigree, Greg married the older sister of former Colorado Rockies’ right winger/center Bob Attwell; Greg’s wife Rhonda. And Greg Theberge is providing me with the privilege of knowing about his life and his career firsthand.

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This in turn leads to Nick finding out about the sex dream. Especially because Nick won’t let it go and thinks this is a perfect opportunity to gloat and ask for all the intimate details of Jess’s dream.

Talking with Greg Theberge for over two hours (long enough that one of our phones’ battery died), I can attest to the fact that he is truly someone special.

A warm voice, memory like an elephant, a great analyzer of the game down to its minutest detail, and genuinely kindhearted – that’s Greg Theberge, a former defenseman for the Washington Capitals and the grandson of Boston Bruins’ legend Dit Clapper.

Frustrated, Jess puts on the helmet to prove a point.

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Which also backfires, because the helmet is too tight to take off and the helmet was actually a gift Nick originally got from his dead father.

Everyone in the shop joins in singing and dancing, including two men with Smith Brothers beards who pop up all during the movie and are never explained.