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You can write and upload a dozen posts all at once, and set them to appear at set, reasonable intervals. Sometimes, you have no choice but to make a drastic site move.

You may have an archive of data, but the post dates are somehow lost in the translation.

On a similar note, there’s also the instance where you future-date an old article to a date that is still in the past, but more recent. Older sites with older posts tend to be ranked higher. Google and the other search engines don’t necessarily care that your post was posted two years ago.

The Mossack Fonseca law firm, at the center of the Panama Papers storm, says its document backdating for high net worth clients setting up offshore shells is not intended “to cover up or hide unlawful acts.” Backdating is back.

These tactics are designed to work “under the radar” of the search engines, review sites, and social networks — and, sadly, it appears they can be effective in the short term given the high volume of bona fide requests from users made to them.

For example, Google typically processes more than 5 million delisting requests , and while it pledges to review each request on the merits, it appears that phony requests aren’t always detected.

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Eartha Smith, 75, a former fire department nurse who retired on disability, tried to get a modification on her 1,000 home loan in 2009, according to her lawyer, Peter Gleason.Also see: 5 things to know about the Panama Papers In a written response to questions from ICIJ and its media partners, the firm said that backdating documents “is a well-founded and accepted practice” that is “common in our industry and its aim is not to cover up or hide unlawful acts.” Erik Lie, a finance professor at the University of Iowa, published an initial study in 2005 and then another in July 2006 that said more than 2,000 companies had used options backdating between 19 to reward senior executives.