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Follow these tips to write effective emails to colleagues, clients, potential clients, hiring managers and even friends and family.

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Of course this being cinema, liberties need to be taken with plausibility to turn this intriguing drama into a dark thriller. Its just that it took a heck of a long time to really get going with the main plot. The young actors however, were very good and did well to emote their feelings convincingly.In the job search, email may precede or even replace the face-to-face first impression, so proper punctuation and a coherent message are key.And on the job, unclear emails cause confusion and delays.Last night millions were in the gun sights of a chamber full of snipers eager to take the kill shots that would make Trump love them. The CBO clearly stated that the "skinny repeal" would not only terrorize tens of millions by throwing them off their healthcare insurance obtained through the ACA, but would affect .

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