Accommodating diverse learning styles in an online environment Adult phone personals chat lines

09-Jun-2017 18:10

Interviews with the teacher and students offer perspectives on the value of using virtual worlds in the classroom .

About the video Download video The diversity of the 21st-century classroom creates numerous challenges for teachers who may not have known the same diversity themselves as students.

This is not a surprising statistic, considering there are over six million students with disability classifications in the United States.

The Co E's non-traditional student population includes individuals who are culturally and linguistically diverse, many from traditional and indigenous backgrounds.

These non-traditional students have a range of characteristics and needs, based on their backgrounds, experiences, and life situations.

Universal design (UD) educational models provide useful frameworks to consider when creating courses for the diverse and non-traditional students served by the Co E's online programs.

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In this video, students in a gifted classroom use the multi-user learning environment Quest Atlantis to explore issues related to the creation of a game reserve in Tanzania.

Teachers must also contend with an increasing number of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and from high-poverty families.